Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 have returned from this year’s work experience having had an amazing time. The feedback from employers has been better than ever. Here are some pictures and quotes and thanks to those of you who visited them.

“Amina is a credit to her school, her parents and herself. Amina conducted herself extremely well at our assessment centre today, and if actively seeking employment I would have hired her. Amina is confident, happy to challenge, takes feedback well and remarkably fearless for someone so young. I believe that with the right training and direction Amina will enjoy a handsome career in whatever she decides to undertake.”

“Grace has been really helpful with the students. She is fully engaged with them and I have been really impressed with how she has got on whilst she has been here” 

“Chantelle has been really good since she has been working here. She is growing in confidence with each day, she is punctual and well-presented and has a lovely nature with the children”

“Christian is a dedicated and committed person, he arrived 15 minutes early every day. He has positive, respectful and enthusiastic attitude. Christian has a dynamic attitude, is willing to help and he took advantage of any chance to absorb information about the roles at our business”

“Ema has been fantastic since she has come here she’s been so helpful. She has done lots of cleaning and sweeping up. I have been really impressed by her. She does want to be a hairdresser and I have told her about the apprenticeship that HOBS offer.”

“Ella has been brilliant with the children at the school she has been fully involved at every stage and really engaged. Ella has taken her own initiative whilst working here”

“Ryan has been exceptional since being here, here’s been so helpful. Can he stay?”