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Year 10 Work Experience 2020

There are two types of work experience placements:

1. Work experience placements found through family, friends or private arrangements (own placements)

2. Work experience placements offered by Y C Herts

Both types of placements need to be entered on to the Link2+ work experience site so that they can be health and safety checked.

Medical and Consent Forms

The main form we must receive before work experience can be undertaken is below:

Medical and consent form

The form should be completed and given to the front desk by the main entrance as soon as possible.

Using the Link 2+ Work Experience Site

All placements whether own placements or YC Herts placements are selected or entered through the Link2+ website:

Login will require a username and password

Username: This is your first and last names separated by a space with an uppercase letter for the first letter of each. This username is as your name appears no the school register. Double barrel surnames are separated by a hyphen.

Password: A four digit number supplied by your form tutor.

Below are some documents to help you to use this system.

Link2 Student Guide.pdf

Link2 Student Quick Guide.pdf

YC Herts Placements

Students should select these placements if they are unable to arrange an own placement. They are able to search the database and select a few choices in order of preference. These places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Students should check the site regularly to see which places they have been allocated. The deadline for the selection of places is the 11th November 2019. After this date we will begin sending out contracts to employers and students will be able to contact employers and arrange interviews.


Own Placements

Own placement details should be entered on to the Link2+ system directly. The paper copy is only to help you record the details for entry on to the system. The deadline for own placements to be entered on to the system is 11th November 2019. We cannot except any placements after this point as it incurs significant additional costs due to late health and safety checks.


Student Checklist

Below is a handy checklist which shows the actions you must undertake in the next few weeks leading up to work experience week.

Student WEX Checklist.pdf

Forms for After Work Experience

You will receive a health and safety induction at the beginning of your placement (see link below). Please complete the work experience feedback form on completion of your placement.

Student Induction Checklist.pdf

WEX Student Feedback.pdf

Parent and Student Presentations

If you missed the student assembly the presentation is available below:

Link2 Parent Presentation.pdf

Student Presentation.pdf

Testimonials from Work Experience

Please see below for some student testimonials from work experience.

Download (PDF, 1.05MB)