Key Stage 3
At the academy students receive two lessons a week in History.
During Year 7 students will study the following topics An introduction to history, with a focus on basic and important concepts, The Roman Empire, The Middle ages and The Tudors. Students begin to develop skills including describing events in the past, being able to identify causes of an event and finding evidence to support ideas and using sources to support an enquiry.
As students’ progress into Year 8 they will study the Stuarts and the Civil war and its impact on England. Students then move onto the Industrial revolution consolidating and building on those skills from year 7 with more emphasis on the use of sources and looking at changes and continuity and linking causes to consequences.
Students are set Assessment tasks in the form of historical questions with the opportunity to incorporate the relevant sources in support of their work once a half term.
There are a variety of historical related websites available for students and an array of interesting historical documentaries can be found on YouTube. Horrible Histories and bbc bitesize are also interesting ways for students to engage in history.
Homework is set once a week and will often take the form of research, for example year 7 students being asked to find out about the Bayeux tapestry.
History club, which is open to all year groups operates once a week from 3.05 – 4.00pm.
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