Key Stage 3

At KS3 pupils study a range of musical genres from around the world. Pupils learn how to identify instruments through a variety of listening activities and can discuss the effect of the music using technical language. All pupils will get the opportunity to transfer their musical understanding onto classroom instruments such as pianos and ukuleles and further their individual creativity through musical composition. We have fantastic facilities to support their learning such a recording studio, classroom keyboards, drum kits and over 30 iMac computers.

All pupils start their secondary music education by learning the basic elements of music and keyboard technique. Once they have covered the basic skills, they then study a range of exciting musical projects such as The Orchestra, Vocal Technique, Reggae, Film music, Blues and many more. They start by learning about the history and culture of the music, they then explore a variety of recordings and take part in thought provoking class discussions. Their learning and curiosity is always furthered with research projects set for homework. Every lesson we focus on the practical elements of music by transferring newly learnt knowledge onto instruments.  Pupils will take part in teacher led workshops, paired keyboard studies and individual musical practice.

It is our aim to make music practical and engaging and we encourage musical participation in any form. We have a thriving extra-curricular community and welcome all abilities. 


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