We cover a range of topics depending on the student ability but they all fall into the six main categories of: Statistics, Probability, Geometry and Measures, Number, Ratio and Proportion and Algebra. We teach using a range of resources, including textbooks, Powerpoints and worksheets.

Year 9 Maths Revision

Maths Foundation – Checklist

Maths Higher – Checklist

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Using MyMaths

Using PiXL Maths App

Year 9 Scheme of Work Sets 1 & 2

Year 9 Scheme of Work Sets 3 – 5


Year 10 Maths Revision

Year 10 Foundation Set 3, 4 & 5

Using PiXL Maths App

Useful Websites

Year 10 Higher Set 1 & 2

How to use Maths Watch

Parent Consultation – Year 10

Higher – Checklist

Foundation – Checklist

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