Health & Social Care

Departmental Aims and National Curriculum Statement(s)

Choosing Health and Social Care will provide you with a broad background in Health and Social Care. It will allow you to progress into further education, training or employment. It provides a suitable basis for further study in this subject or related courses, which could include Degrees of Modern Apprenticeships.

The aims of this course are to encourage students to:

  • Develop and sustain an interest in health, early-years care and education, social care and issues affecting the care sector.
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of health, early-years care and education and issues affecting the health and social sector.
  • Develop skills that will enable them to make an effective contribution to the care sector including skills of research, evaluation and problem-solving in a work related context:
  • Apply knowledge, understanding and skills and prepare for further study and training.
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