Our aim in the geography department is to encourage the innate curiosity in all pupils that drives them to find out more about the world they live in and ask questions about why things happen.  We do this through investigating a range of topics that cover issues that are relevant to pupils lives.


Teaching order

Year 7

Year 8

1 – Autumn half term 1 Intro to the UK Rivers
2 – Autumn half term 2 London Population
3 – Spring half term 1 Africa development and Fairtrade African Issues Case study
4 – Spring half term 2 Antarctica and climate change Weather
5 – Summer half term 1 Geography of my stuff Coasts
6 – Summer half term 2 Rainforests UK ecosystems

The best way pupils can find out more about the world they live in is to go out and explore it.  This doesn’t have to mean costly excursions- there are some excellent and relevant local examples of human and physical geography. Even when you are sitting in traffic because of flooding on Water Lane, you are experiencing geography in action.

There are some excellent online resources which will help pupils to complete their homework and generally find out more about the world, these include:

BBC Bitesize-

BBC News website-

NASA website-

For Key Stage 4 options information, please click here.