Business Studies

Business is taught from Year 9 on a three-year course at The Bushey Academy.  There will be two written exams at the end of Year 11. We aim to give students knowledge and understanding of different business contexts including very small enterprises, like the local café or take away shop to large multinationals, like Tesco and Apple including businesses operating locally, nationally and globally.

In Year 9 the students will study the first topic Theme 1: Investigating small business this involves:

Topic 1.1:Enterprise and entrepreneurship – students are introduced to the dynamic nature of business in relation to how and why business ideas come about. They also explore the impact of risk and reward on business activity and the role of entrepreneurship

Topic 1.2: Spotting a business opportunity – students will explore how new and small businesses identify opportunities through understanding customer needs and conducting market research. They will also focus on understanding the competition

Topic 1.3: Putting a business idea into practice – this topic focuses on making a business idea happen through identifying aims and objectives and concentrating on the financial aspects

Topic 1.4: Making the business effective – students will explore a range of factors that impact on the success of the business, including location, the marketing mix and the business plan.

For Key Stage 4 options information, please click here.
Useful Resources

  • BBC Business News (Current affairs)
  • Times 100 case studies (real case studies )
  • BTEC Level 3 Book 1