Key Stage 3

At the academy students receive 2 lessons a week in Art & Design.  During this key stage students will follow four programmes of study developing the basic technics of Art & Design.  Each programme lasts for a term and a half and covers the National Key Stage three objectives.

Year 7:

Cakes – this scheme rigorously develops the student’s drawings techniques of proportion, realism, two and three dimensions whilst exploring a range of artistic materials such as watercolour paint, gel pen, tone and colour pencil, chalk and oil pastel as well as charcoal. The students also investigate how to research artworks and develop their critical evaluation skills through a variety of written tasks.

Aboriginal Art – this scheme is based around a period of art from Australia.  Students learn about how aboriginal art is made, how to write a dreamtime story, how to design a painting in aboriginal art style and how to evaluate work from this period.  Students also research around Australia and gain greater insight into the lives of Australians and Aborigines.

Year 8:

Lino Printing – this project is designed around the skill of printing and students learn primarily about mono-printing and lino printing linking to Andy Warhol – a famous and comprehensive printer.  Students are still requested to develop their drawings skills, enhance their knowledge of other materials as well as continue to improve their analytical and research skills.

William Morris – this project looks into the life and times of the English designer and crafts person William Morris.  William Morris made huge advances in how the English population thought about interior design.  This project looks at what inspired him, how he developed his skills with the range of materials available in the 1800’s as well as looking in detail at design and how this is accomplished.9

Students receive one hour of study every three to four weeks and dependant on the task is whether it is appropriate for it to be completed in their sketchbooks.  Tasks can include: researching around an artist or theme, completing a drawing, design work, evaluating artworks, and writing up a method of working for example.

Enrichment opportunities have included clubs such as jewellery club, open to both years 7 and 8 – run on a term by term basis and a painting club for year 7 run by the sixth form art students.  All art clubs take place in the art studio.  There is also a House Photographic Competition which is usually run throughout late Autumn term to late Spring in which students can demonstrate their creative interest for this medium as well as their ability to edit their photographs usually through Photoshop.  More information will become available as and when during the school year.

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