Preparation Tips for Employment

Employers often receive hundreds of applications, particularly in our currently difficult financial climate. It’s a competitive world out there, and you will need to be sharp from the start.

Application Forms

  • Read the form through before you start.
  • Make a photocopy – and fill this out first to get everything right.
  • Make sure you fill out all the relevant information required in each section.
  • Ask someone to check the draft before filling in the final version.
  • Follow instructions carefully (if it says ‘Use black ink’ – then do so)
  • Write neatly and legibly.
  • Check with referees that they are happy for their name to be put down to provide a reference.
  • Always send a covering letter (see the Finding a Job booklet for guidance in the Study Area)
  • Make and keep a copy of the application before you send it off. This will help you to be reminded of what you said if called for interview.
  • Spend an extra couple of pounds on nice looking A4 or A5 envelopes and send the application in them. This will stop the application from having to be folded up and getting creased.

Writing a CV

Some job advertisements require applicants to provide a CV in addition to an application form. You will receive guidance and help on this during your time in the Sixth Form, but exploring the following website link – which has helpful tips and lots of examples – will enable you to get an early head start:


Advance preparation is the key to success here: research the company beforehand; think about the likely questions you will get asked and prepare the answers you would give; make sure you are dressed both appropriately and smartly; arrive in plenty of time; and be enthusiastic!

The Finding a Job Booklet in the office has further detailed advice on interview preparation, and you can also explore further tips and ideas via the following excellent link:

The moment you have a date for an interview, please let the Head of Sixth Form know and we will help you prepare, as well as giving you a mock interview beforehand.

Hertfordshire Careers Service (HCS) also offer excellent support and guidance: this ranges from providing you with information on local job vacancies, through to advice on careers, preparing for interviews, and even helping you to complete your application form. You can even text them your mobile number for job updates, or email them your CV requesting feedback. Representatives from HCS can visit the academy, and the Assistant Principal: Post-16 can arrange for you to have a free consultation at any time.

Alternatively, click on their website link for more information:

National Careers Service:

There is excellent advice and guidance about careers and post 16 options on their website.

The Bushey Academy LRC

There are a large number of DVDs and books covering different careers, and how to prepare for employment, available for hire in the LRC.

STEM Ambassador Scheme

This is run by an educational charity seeking to inspire young people to follow careers in science. They provide mentors and current employees from local companies who can give talks about their jobs. Please see Mr Bilton if you have an interest in this scheme.


This is an excellent online resource for career research and planning.