Safety Box and Alison Cope

Last week The Academy were offered a great opportunity to work with local PCSO’s, The Safety Box and Alison Cope to deliver a 4 day programme educating and making students aware of some of the social issues that could potentially affect us all

The week was a huge success, all of the students engaged and participated well in a range of different activities, including role plays, active learning and discussion.

The week ended with a celebration assembly led by our guests and those students who went above and beyond were presented with a certificate.

“I attended three of these sessions- two year eights, and one year seven.   I found the students to be very engaged and all seemed to get something out of the sessions. Personally I found it to be a great activity and believe it was far more of a learning experience for students than a regular assembly/lecture. The people involved were so passionate and energetic and I thoroughly enjoyed watching my students learn in a different context.”

“It was very well presented and engaging for the students. It stimulated discussion and reflection and i believe will be of great help in steering the students away from knife crime.”

We would like to thank both the students and our guests for a fantastic programme and we look forward to working with them in the future.