Royal Opera House Students

On Tuesday 19th June 28 music students from the academy went to the Royal Opera House to watch a special performance of Puccini’s tragedy La Boheme. The story follows the fortunes of a group of bohemian friends in 19th century. Central to the story is the love between a poor poet and a seamstress. The staging of the performance was outstanding with snow gently falling on the stage throughout the performance and smoke billowing from the chimneys of the houses. All of the staging was on wheels and moved from the artists loft, to the shopping arcade from restaurant to a small cabin.There was a full orchestra to accompany the performers and the sound inside the auditorium was incredible. The performers of the English National Opera were outstanding with the production managing to inject some humour into and otherwise tragic tale of a love cut short by illness. The character of Musetta was played Simona Mihai who put in an excellent performance to the character of this woman of loose morals! A good time was had by the students who attended, giving them the opportunity to experience a world-class performance in one of London’s finest theatres.