Celebrating Student Achievement

Parental Celebration Tea

Since the autumn term, the academy has run a Parental Celebration Tea for Years 7 – 13 in the Grand Hall. This is a special occasion, where we celebrate students who have outstanding behaviour records and are truly demonstrating our motto of ‘Proud to Belong.’ On average we have around 250 people attending these special teas which is simply wonderful.

Hot Chocolate Celebrations

Each half term, the academy selects a number of students in each year group to leave lessons 15 minutes early in order to have a hot chocolate celebration with staff in our marketplace. The criteria for selection always varies and all year groups have a celebration event: for some it is outstanding behaviour, for others it will be a notable achievement of some kind. The common thread is that students have done something they should feel proud of, and are being noticed and recognised for that.

Postcards Home

Each week teachers are encouraged to write and send postcards home to students that have gone “above and beyond” in following the academy’s motto of “Proud to Belong”.