The academy has a very clear expectation that every student has a minimum attendance of at least 96% each academic year.

The DCP reports that are sent to parents and carers each half term provide the current attendance figure for their child. Each child’s attendance is categorised according to the following bands and interventions will be put in place to help them improve if required:

Green Band

96% and above: good attendance, no interventions required.

Amber Band

91.0% – 95.9%: students who are in danger of a ‘red’ classification will receive intervention support from within the academy in order for them to reach a green classification as soon as possible.

Red Band

90% or below: attendance is now of very significant concern and students in this red category are classified by the government as ‘persistent absentees’ from education. The academy will work with parents and carers to put in place an attendance improvement plan, and this will include working with external agencies where appropriate.

There is a very clear link between excellent attendance at school and successful outcomes for students, in terms of academic qualifications achieved. Excellent attendance also helps students to develop their confidence, participate in wider sport and extra-curricular interests and generally enhance their well-being.

The academy recognises and celebrates individual student’s excellent attendance in a number of high profile ways each half term. We also recognise students who have had lower attendance but made significant improvements.

The table below outlines the clear link between high attendance and success at school.


Absence Over 1 School Year

Success at School



0 days missed of learning



4 days missed of learning

Excellent: students have the potential to reach their target grades in all their subjects and show outstanding achievement. Students also have the opportunity to take full advantage of the wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities on offer. Excellent attendance will reflect very well in references for Year 11 students for Sixth Forms, local colleges and providers of apprenticeships.


1 ½ weeks missed of learning


Good: with hard work, and catching up on missed learning, students still have the opportunity to achieve their target grades in most of their subjects. Students are still able to participate in a wide range of enrichment activities and develop their self-confidence and wider personal qualities. Attendance of this level is still above the national average and will reflect well in references for the above pathways at the end of Year 11.


2 ½ weeks missed of learning


Requires Improvement: student attendance is below the national average and their academic success is at risk. Students who quickly improve their attendance are still able, with hard work, to achieve their target grades in most of their subjects and participate in wider enrichment activities within the academy.


4 weeks missed of learning Very Poor: attendance is now classified by the Department for Education as persistent absence, and students are seriously at risk of failing to achieve their target grades. Attendance at this level will significantly hamper a student’s chance of successful future pathways for Sixth Form, college or apprenticeship at the end of Year 11.

Urgent action is required by parents/guardians to rectify this. An individual case record for the student is kept and reviewed by Academy senior leaders and external agencies.