Parent Pay

For safety and security, The Bushey Academy offers a cashless monetary system known as ParentPay

ParentPay is our new online payment service. The Bushey Academy now accepts payments online for items like dinner money, school trips, music lessons and photocopying.

We use a secure website called ParentPay which allows you to make payments to the Academy via Direct Debit, Credit transfer or through a PayPoint account.

ParentPay is The Bushey Academy’s preferred method of payment.

The Benefits

ParentPay is extremely easy to use and offers you the freedom to make online payments into your child’s account at any time. The ParentPay system features some of the highest internet security standards available, ensuring your money reaches The Academy safely.

Full payment histories and statements are available on the ParentPay website at any time via the secure network.

The ParentPay account is linked into your child’s personal identification card so is readily available to them when needed and means there is no need to worry about them losing cash money around The Academy.

ParentPay also offers an alert system via SMS or email when your account is low on funds.

For The Academy, using ParentPay helps us in reduce our staff workload and allows us to focus on educational support for your children and the smooth running of The Academy.

ParentPay also ensures that all financial transactions are safe and secure, helping us to remove the costs associated with managing cash securely on Academy premises.

Getting Started – New Accounts

When your child joins The Bushey Academy we will send you a ParentPay activation username and password. Upon receiving these, visit the ParentPay website and enter the username and password where prompted. The username and password we provide are single use details, for security reasons you will need to choose your own username and password for your ParentPay account. During the activation process you will be asked to do this.

If you register an email account with ParentPay, The Academy will be able to send you receipts for purchased items.

Once you have completed the activation process you will be able to use your ParentPay account instantly.

For any further queries please contact Mrs Hayter, Student Services.