Improved GCSE results at The Bushey Academy

Despite much harder exam content and no coursework, The Bushey Academy recorded improved GCSE results with more students getting higher grades and average attainment improving.  Special mention goes to Science with nearly four times as many students passing as last year, a magnificent improvement and the best result in the school’s history.

Of the many individual success stories, Bhavini Patel scored a record set of results with 8 Grade 9s, an A grade and two Grade 7s.  This gave her a personal Attainment 8 score of 90, which is the joint highest in the whole country.  Bhavini said: ‘Exams can be very stressful but without the great teachers at the academy, I would not have got the grades I did.’

Many of our successful students have enrolled in our 6th Form and we look forward to welcoming them back in September.


Jon Hebblethwaite