House Music 2018

This month we produced a “live” performance talent show that did not use any backing tracks or instrumentals; which helped to create an electric atmosphere.  There were a huge amount of rehearsals carried out over the months from September, leading up to the event.  We are lucky to have so many talented musicians here at the academy, and hand selected our High Attaining Band of instrumentalists from our very own pupils.  Their efforts created extra rehearsal time and they are notably dedicated to their musical learning.

We had a very touching tribute song dedicated to a former student’s memory and the whole performance was extremely moving.

The winners were:

Best Instrumentalist                                   H Mokhtari (Whittle: Y9)

Best KS3 Soloist                                        M Beasley (Edison: Y8)

Best KS4 Soloist                                        C Donald (Marconi: Y10)

Best Composer                                           M Winn (Marconi: Y11)

Best House Band                                        WHITTLE “Natural”  – K Khleghi Mentor

Overall House Winner                                 WHITTLE