Apprenticeship Insight Day – Willis Tower Watson – 27.9.2018

Eleven of our Year 11 students experienced the opportunity to attend an Apprenticeship Insight Day at Willis Tower Watson looking at careers in risk and the insurance industry.

It was an amazing day and the students really enjoyed the event. After entering the incredible offices in the City of London, the event started with a talk from three panellists, all of whom worked for the company. Their experience included backgrounds in; risk, taxes, currency, venture capital, digital distribution and insurance brokerage.

The speakers talked to our students about the opportunities available to them in insurance, as well as technological advances in in their field, for example robots, driver-less cars and planes. Our students learnt that there is so much more to risk and insurance than just home, life and car insurance. They discussed all other aspects of risk management from ships, planes, rockets and cyber-attacks.  Next students had an inspiring talk from the CEO of the company. He spoke about his experiences and career path. He also talked about the longevity of insurance companies as a business and how they presented a rich, sustainable and profitable enterprise needing a diverse, passionate workforce with access to a global market.

Students then had a networking lunch and spoke to industry experts questions about their jobs and they broke in to the industry. After lunch students listened to a current apprentice who spoke about his experiences so far and how much he enjoyed working for the company. He spoke about what was involved in an apprenticeship, about earning while you train and the importance of being able to balance work and study. He explained that their company could support you all the way up to a Master’s degree.

Finally, they saved the best for last. They had a tour of the building from people who work for Willis Tower Watson. Students saw the market place where insurance deals take place in Lloyds of London. A place where the Queen gets her insurance! They saw donated gift to Lloyds of London from Lord Nelson. Winston Churchill was even a Chairman of the company. They even saw a copy of the insurance document for the Titanic.

Closing thoughts from our students:

“It was a really interesting day” S.L

“Could you imagine if we never came here, we would never know about any of this” J.D

“My favourite part of the whole day was the tour” E.M