Our Vision

Our ambitious vision for all our young people is that their life chances are significantly impacted upon by their time at the school.  We want all our students to be fully equipped for their next steps and ready to lead a successful and fulfilling life.  To achieve this vision, we focus on three main things:

  • All students to gain in depth knowledge and understanding in a wide range of subjects.  To be successful in life, we need to know a lot.  It is fact that the more a child learns, the easier it is to learn more new knowledge.  We value knowledge for knowledge’s sake as well as the fact that it will lead to great exam results and qualifications.
  • All students to have a well-developed character.  This encompasses all aspects of personal development outside of the main curriculum. It is vital that our young people are well developed in all aspects of ‘Personal, Social. Health, Citizenship Education’ as well as being well versed in British values.  We want our young people to be kind, tolerant and to respect difference.
  • All students to have excellent careers advice and guidance and be well developed in their employability skills.  All our students need to be well prepared for their next step after leaving the school, be it university, an apprenticeship or starting a career.