Staff Emails


Teacher Department Email
Mr Paul Fuller Art
Mrs Sarah-Jane Putman Art
Mrs Claire Tomlin Art
Mrs Julia Brodie Behaviour and Achievement Mentor
Ms Amanda Hunt Behaviour and Achievement Mentor
Ms Sherween Oldham Business Studies
Ms Emma Hehir Business Studies
Mr Tennyson Mharah Business Studies
Miss Melody Thomas-Young Business Studies
Mr Sheraz Ahmed Design & Technology
Mrs Jan Price Director of Student Services
Mr Matt Bailey Drama
Miss Becki Upton Drama
Mrs Carole Van der Watt Drama
Mr James Wride Drama
Mr Andrew Bilton English
Mr Graham Calder English
Miss Laura Hembrough English
Miss Shannon Keatings English
Mr David Kral English
Ms Lorraine Mulcahy English
Miss Trish O’Connor English
Mr Simon Richards English
Ms Catherine Toms English
Mrs Natasha Karaphillides English/HSC
Ms Una Beveridge Food Technology
Mr Darren Parker Geography
Ms Erin Waller Geography
Mr Cornelius Van Vuuren Geography
Miss Kelly Keating Head of Year (Year 10)
Mrs Leah Rogers Head of Year (Year 11)
Mrs Lynne Brall Head of Year (Year 7)
MS Katie Copley Head of Year (Year 8)
Mrs Karen Mead Head of Year (Year 9)
Mr Matthew Calverley History
Mr Ryan Evans History
Miss Vicki Hill History
Miss Saranya Ratnam ICT and Computer Science
Mr Michael London ICT and Computer Science
Ms Yaki Zhu Mandarin
Mr Jack Deacon Mathematics
Mr Peter Igoche Mathematics
Mr Daniel Allen Mathematics
Ms Eleri Evans Mathematics
Mr Adam Nalapraya Mathematics
Mr David Godfrey Mathematics
Mr Thomas McQueen Mathematics
Mr George Ross Mathematics
Mrs Tavinder Thethy Mathematics
Mr Teddy Gruber Mathematics
Mr Ayodeji Awojobo Mathematics
Miss Tara Stanbury Media & Film
Miss Clemence Canton Modern Foreign Languages
Ms Brigitte Gatti Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Elisa Liano Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Preeta Sohata Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Heidi Anderson Music
Mr Colin Gall Music
Miss Nadia Ruiters Music
Mrs Kelly Seabrook Pastoral Care & Safeguarding Administrator
Mr Fausto Ortenzi PBE
Mr Sean McCarthy PBE / Sociology
Ms Belinda Bean Photography
Miss Suzanne Higgs Physical Education
Mr James Putman Physical Education
Mr Stephen Quinn Physical Education
Mr Ian Sudbery Physical Education
Miss Emma Thomas Physical Education
Mrs Natalie Williams Physical Education
Miss Lindsay Johannes Psychology
Ms Angeline David Co-ordinator of Sociology and Criminology
Mr Ade Aribigbola Science
Miss Nicola Green Science
Ms Sarah Joyce Science
Miss Sarah-Lee Knoetze Science
Mr Tyler McCallion Science
Ms Shazia Zramalval Science
Mr Miguel Pazos Seaone Science
Mrs Archna Thesia Science
Mrs Catherine Turner Science
Mr Simon Tyrrell Science
Mr Braden Walker Science
Ms Madeline Barrow Science
Mr Sean McCarthy Sociology
Mrs Debby Hayter Student Receptionist
April Tapscott Student Welfare Officer
Miss Joanne Ricketts Transition