About Us

Since opening as a new academy in September 2009 the focus of the Principal and his team is to drive up standards, improve life chances of our students and become an outstanding academy. The Bushey Academy is an exciting place to work and recognises that the professional and personal development of all staff is situated strategically as an integral part of the evolution of the whole academy.

This is particularly relevant to the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning. Consequently, the Academy is committed to identifying and meeting the learning and development needs of all staff, although the plans for CPD extend well beyond the issue of meeting current needs. An Assistant Principal with overall responsibility for staff professional development and training will coordinate CPD plans and will link with other institutions as and when appropriate. Performance Management is a process to support the development of all staff to improve teaching and to raise standards. The Academy will develop a detailed PM policy which will cover all staff except those on contracts of less than one year and those in their induction year who are covered by separate procedures.